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میں عامر بھائی سے موتمین نہیں اور انکی گلے لگانا اور چومنا سے بہت تنگ ہوں طوبی عامر کا انکشاف

Tuba Amir belongs to the Syed family and Got married to DR. Amir Liaquat Hussain and enter the showbiz world through married to Dr. sab. Tuba Amir performs the finest acting skills in her 1st drama Bhrass working with Dur E Fishan and Humayun brother Salman Saeed and it’s a successful project of ARY.

We Know Tuba Amir is the Second wife of Amir Liaquat Hussain and in Pakistan, one woman can’t share her husband with another one Tuba also didn’t bear this and said to her husband divorced his 1st wife on phone in front of Mine. Tuba just starts her carrier as a model and actor she did a couple of Shoots and acting just 1 drama as a supporting role. Recently Tuba Shares some lovely and adorable new clicks of her lovely face.Tuba Amir regularly shares her photos on her web-based media account. We should examine the new lovable pictures of Tuba Amir she has shared of late on her online media account.

Amir Liaquat’s better half Syeda Tuba Siddiqui has now entered the showbiz business and is additionally seen acting in dramatizations. Furthermore, her show sequential Bharaas on Television station is likewise being enjoyed by individuals. Furthermore, this is most likely her first dramatization to act.

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